Elder Scrolls Online


  • Extended Mouse Pad
  • 900mm x 400mm x 3mm
  • Smooth Consistent Cloth Weave
  • Grippy Firm Rubber Mat
  • Durable Anti Roll Stitching


Elder Scrolls Online Extended Mouse Pad

Take your gaming to the next level with an extended mouse pad

Experience the infinite adventure in a persistent Elder Scrolls Online Extended Mouse Pad and travel to the home of the High Elves.

Elder Scrolls Online abbreviated as ESO is the award-winning online multiplayer RPG, developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Released for Microsoft Windows and OS X in April 2014.

Followers of ESO will be delighted of the announcements of ZeniMax Online Studios about the expansions and updates to be released on June 6, 2017. A complete pack based in Vvardenfell. The original setting playable in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowwind.
Inclusions in a new class, new trial, and new player vs. player mode is known as “Battlegrounds.”

The game is set on Tamriel in 2E 582 during the Interregnum a time between the end of the Second Empire (Reman Dynasty and Akaviri Potentates) and the establishment of the Third Empire (Septim Dynasty) in Tamriel.
A time between the assassination of the Last Potentate, Savirien-Chorak, and the rise of Tiber Septim where turmoil, bloodshed, and no Emperor on the Ruby Throne.

Why buy a Battle Mat? 

Smooth Consistent Cloth Weave 

Battle Mats are designed to deliver the perfect amount of friction in perfect unison with your mouse movements. Our mouse pads have an ultra-smooth fabric surface, allowing you to have pixel-precise targeting and unmatched accuracy, time and time again. 

Resistant Rubber Matting 

Our Battle Mats are built by gamers, with gamers in mind – we know how intense some of those in-game moments can be. As a result, all our mousepads have a non-slip rubber base that secures the mat to the surface it’s placed on. We’ve done the testing and the results are unanimous: Battle Mats are immovable, especially when you need them to be.  

Durable Anti-Roll Stitching 

We want your Battle Mat mouse pad to last you for as long as possible. To make this dream into a reality we’ve implemented durable anti-roll stitching to the perimeters of our mouse pads, increasing durability and player comfort. 


Dimensions: 900mm x 400mm / 35.43in x 15.75in 

Thickness: 3mm / 0.12in


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